• Bezel v2

    I wasn’t a 100% happy with the bezel, so designed it a little bit different. I think this works better. Now, just print another 9 of those ;-) So good to have my own 3d printer; just a matter of redesign a bit, print, done.

  • 3d print galore

    After trying out some 3d prints in a shop, I really liked the results. I also added up the expected costs for creating all the things that I wanted printed. And, the time it takes to get something delivered (still waiting for my last test batch of printed bezels after...

  • Trottle works

    I decided to push ahead with the throttle. I felt that it would be an essential item to get a more realistic experience and is needed for more precise flying. I was not wrong. Here’s some pictures I took during the build process.